How To Deal With Swollen Smartphone Batteries

How To Deal With Swollen Smartphone Batteries

I frequently have to replace swollen iPhone or Android batteries at work. Some swell like balloons; as a result, the body of the smartphone is somewhat distorted, and the screen detaches. I have to be careful to disassemble the phone. Reminder for you, leaving a phone with a faulty battery alone will only worsen the situation.

What Causes A Swollen Phone Battery?

There can be several reasons why a phone battery swells up, some of which include the following:

  1. Overcharging: If you overcharge a battery, it can get too hot, which can cause it to swell or even burst.
  2. Exposure to high temperatures: Heat is the most important element that can cause a battery to swell, and exposure to high temperatures is one of those factors. The battery in your phone can overheat and expand if you leave it in a hot car or in full sunlight for an extended time.
  3. Age of the battery: Batteries are susceptible to deterioration over time, which can result in them losing their ability to hold a charge. As a direct consequence, they can become overheated and swell up.
  4. Poor quality battery: Using a low-quality or counterfeit battery can also cause the battery to swell as it may not be designed to handle the power requirements of your phone.

Phone Battery Replacement

Battery replacement instructions can be different for different phone models. Depending on the phone type and whether the battery is removable, there are various ways to replace a phone battery.

Phones with removable batteries are straightforward to replace, saving you money on professional assistance. Remove the battery by opening the back cover, then replace the new one.

Smartphones that use non-removable batteries will have a more challenging level. You must use several tools to disassemble the phone and remove the battery.

Tools to replace smartphone non-removable batteries such as:
  1. Hot Air Rework Station to remove the screen or back cover.
  2. Isopropyl alcohol to thin the adhesive.
  3. Opening tools kit such as a screwdriver, tweezers, opening pry bar, suction cup, & plastic cards.

If you need help with replacing the battery or if your phone has a non-removable battery, I advise you to seek professional help.

Are Swollen Phone Batteries Dangerous?

Swollen phone batteries can be dangerous and explode if not addressed promptly. A swollen battery is a sign of a potentially hazardous situation as it indicates that the battery is damaged and the internal components are expanding or bulging, causing it to swell. The buildup of gas inside the battery can cause the battery to rupture or explode if the pressure becomes too high.

All batteries contain two electrodes (positive and negative), separated by a porous separator that allows the flow of ions. The electrolyte (usually a liquid or gel) is a medium for ion transfer between the electrodes. During regular operation, the electrodes produce an electron flow that moves through an external circuit, creating an electric current.

However, under certain conditions, such as overcharging or overheating, the battery can produce excess gas that cannot escape through the battery's vents. This gas buildup increases the pressure inside the battery, causing it to swell. The swollen battery can create an imbalance in the electrodes and the separator, resulting in a short circuit. The short course can cause a rapid discharge of the storm, leading to an explosion or fire.

Furthermore, the gases inside a swollen battery can be flammable and combustible, increasing the risk of an explosion. Lithium-ion batteries, in particular, have a high energy density, which means they can release a lot of energy quickly. If this energy is released rapidly due to a short circuit or other damage to the battery, it can cause an explosion or fire.

How To Make A Swollen Phone Battery Go Down?

There is no way to make it go down or reverse the damage that has already occurred. The best action is to replace and dispose of the battery with care.