How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected on Lenovo A7700

Application blocked by screen overlays detected, so it doesn't work. This problem I had experienced when I used the Lenovo A7700 Android Marshmallow operating system. Follow the message on the screen, but the application cannot be permitted. Bringing your smartphone to Safe Mode and giving permission is the best solution compared to doing a hard reset.

Lenovo A7700 Safe Mode

A safe mode is a troubleshooting option for systems on devices that started in limited circumstances. Repair applications that might not start correctly or that might prevent the system from starting successfully, giving application permissions and cleaning viruses.

The first step is to take the phone to safe mode so that it can resolve system overlays detected. Bring Lenovo A7700 into Safe Mode as follows:

  1. The phone is on, press the Power button.
  2. Press and hold the Power Off option until the "Reboot into Safe Mode" statement then select OK.
  3. The smartphone will restart to enter Safe Mode characterized by the lower left of the screen with Safe Mode written on it.

Application Permissions

System overlays detected due to applications are not permitted. The next step is to allow applications that cannot be run. In safe mode, we can activate permissions easily. The method is as follows:

  1. Open the Settings → Applications menu → press the triple icon at the top right → Show System.
  2. Select problematic applications like BBM, Whatsapp, Contacts, Telephone, Gallery, and so on.
  3. Select Permissions then activate all permissions as shown below.
  4. Troubled applications have been given permission and restart the phone.