How to Update and Backup Operating System Android Samsung Mobile Phones Using KIES 3

How to Update and Backup Operating System Android Samsung Mobile Phones Using KIES 3

Samsung keep trying to give the best. Not only create best-selling android smartphones, but they also develop software to help users to update and backup important data easily. The software is called KIES which can run Windows and Mac OS.

Kies can help you restore the Samsung Android operating system (OS), sometimes referred to as your device's firmware, to your device. If your device fails during an update and cannot be recovered using emergency firmware recovery, or if you have installed a custom version of the Android OS on your device, you can reload the latest version of the Android OS to your device.

Unfortunately, This feature is not available for all devices. When you select the option, Kies 3 will verify the availability for your device. If your device is not supported, contact Samsung Product Support for further assistance or you can try

  1. and install.
  2. Run as administrator Kies 3 and click ToolsFirmware Upgrade and Initialization.
  3. Enter your device Model name and click OK.
  4. Enter the device S/N number and click OK.
  5. Kies 3 will verify that the feature is available for your device. If the feature is available, click OK to continue.
  6. The firmware version is displayed along with a note that the information on your device will be permanently deleted during this process. Click OK to continue.
  7. Follow the steps to prepare your device for emergency recovery. Mark the checkbox next to I have read all of the above information. Select whether you agree to share this update with Samsung. Connect your device to Kies when you have activated the download mode. When your device is in download mode and connected to Kies 3, the Start upgrade button is available. Click Start upgrade to reinstall the firmware.
  8. Touch Create backup to create a copy of selected items before proceeding. Touch Skip backup to proceed without backing up any items.
  9. Kies 3 will download and prepare your system to update the firmware. This process can take some time. The time will vary based on your network and computer capabilities.
  10. Respond to any security warnings about installing software.
  11. The progress screen is shown during the upgrade process. The process will take several minutes to complete. Do not disconnect your device, turn the device off, or turn off your computer during this process.
  12. Click OK when the upgrade is finished.

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