Skype App For Android Reaches 1 Billion Downloads

Skype App For Android Reaches 1 Billion Downloads

Slowly but surely, the Skype chat app managed to reach 1 billion downloads on the Android platform. The news was revealed directly by Skype through its official account on Twitter.

Skype long enough to reach the number 1 billion in Android. As summarized by SmartPhones.How from GSMArena, Thursday (26/10/2017), Skype for the new Android penetrate 100 million downloads in 2013. The number then passes 500 million downloads in February 2015.

Skype application is a pioneer Voice over IP (VoIP), which was launched in 2003. High popularity makes Microsoft decided to buy this platform including 170 million users in 2011 at a price of 8.5 billion US dollars, or about Rp 115.5 trillion.

This is certainly a news for Microsoft. The 1 billion downloads have not been combined with iOS and also Skype for Business. This proves that Skype is still popular, although the service was attacked by other chat services, such as WhatsApp, Line, and Facebook Messenger.

The existing chat service is known to have capabilities that are not much different from Skype. In addition to chat, other services that can also be used for voice and video calls. The difference, Skype can be used to call a cellular number by using Skype Credit.