Ondot Card Control: Set Locations, Merchants, Limits Using Your Phone

Ondot Card Control: Set Locations, Merchants, Limits Using Your Phone
Card Control is a smart platform developed by Ondot System has the ability to control your credit card transaction where, when, who, and how. Safe and secure way to control all your cards, turn on alerts when you make a transaction you're notified and you don't even need payment receipt because of the information already in your phone.

It's a step in stopping the bad guys…I'm more in control of where it can be used. So my card becomes less usable for a fraudster than a card which is open for use anywhere.

by Rachna Ahlawhat, founder of Ondot
When you're traveling just use location controls set, you decide where cards can be used; whether it's a specific city, geographic area, or even a certain radius around your phone's location. Transactions will be rejected if outside the area. Sometimes life can get a little busy if you leave your card behind Card Control has you covered it uses your phone GPS to limit the range of where your card can be used if your card goes out of range any transaction automatically gets denied and you're alerted instantly so you can notify your bank and lock it.
Card Control is great for families too, You can set where your card can be used and set spending limits on a budget, increase their convenience and willingness to use cards when making purchases without fear your bill will swell.
Card Control protects you against fraud on the internet because if you don't typically buy stuff on the web you can enable online transactions then disable them after the purchase. Set locations, set merchants, and set limits card with Card Control App.