How to Update Android Firmware Samsung Galaxy Phones Using Smart Switch

How to Update Android Firmware Samsung Galaxy Phones Using Smart Switch

Updating the Samsung mobile phone operating system using Smart Switch is more accessible and safer because we can back up all data first. Errors can occur during the update, so we suggest you back up any critical data before you proceed. Available features may vary according to the function, and the features may not work correctly in some apps.

Caution Before Updating

  1. A rooted device may cause an update to fail, unstable mobile phone operation, and other problems.
  2. It is recommended to use an official Samsung USB Cable.
  3. Fully charge the battery.
  4. User data can be deleted, back up if necessary.
  5. Connect your PC or Mac to a stable LAN or Wifi internet connection.
  6. When the process of updating runs, please do not open any menus pressing any buttons.
  7. Do not connect the other devices (MP3 players, cameras, external hard drive, etc.) to the PC.
  8. You cannot use the call function.
  9. Please disconnect the cable until the update is complete.


  1. Download and install for PC or Mac.
  2. Download and install the for Android on the Google Play Store. If your device is pre-installed Smart Switch mobile app make sure to update the application to the latest version.
  3. Run as administrator Smart Switch launcher on your PC or Mac.
  4. Turn on the device and connect to the PC or Mac.
  5. Unlock the device when locked with a pin or pattern.
  6. If the device is detected, Smart Switch on PC or Mac will display the device type information and the latest software availability.
    Samsung Smart Switch Update Software Android
  7. Press the Update and Continue button.
    Samsung Smart Switch Update Firmware
  8. Read carefully on the Caution screen and continue by pressing All Confirmed.
    Samsung Smart Switch Caution Before Updating Software
  9. Please do not disconnect the cable from the PC during the downloading and configuring software update environment.
    Samsung Smart Switch Configuring Software Update
  10. Software update for Samsung Galaxy is complete. The device will restart and then optimise and install the application.
    Samsung Smart Switch Software Update is Complete
  11. After all, is complete you can explore the Samsung OneUI interface with various new features and increased security system.

Question and Answer

Smart Switch not showing software update
You can download the latest firmware from the Sammobile site and do a clean install using Odin Flash Tool.

Dead boot device can be fixed using Smart Switch?
Not because a connection is needed via USB Debugging so that Smart Switch can recognise your device and update the system.

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