Gmail Latest Update: Addresses, Contacts, and Phone Numbers Converted To Hyperlinks

Gmail does not want to lose competition with other email apps, which makes it easy to open addresses, contacts and phone numbers with a single click. Based on customer feedback, Gmail released the latest updates by changing addresses, contacts, and telephone numbers into hyperlinks to save users time, no need to copy paste.

Now, you can click addresses to look them up on Google Maps, email addresses to automatically open your default mail app's compose window and phone numbers to start a call on the default phone app if you're on mobile.

Addresses and phone numbers will appear as hyperlinks whether you're using Android and iOS on mobile or the web on your computer. You won't be able to make calls, but you can launch Google Maps and start a new email on your PC with a single click. We've tested the feature and can confirm that it's now active, but if it doesn't work for you yet, don't worry: Google says it could take up to three days to roll it out completely.

Source: Google