ZTE V9820 Firmware and Upgrade Instruction

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  • Last update: 14 July 2019
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Many things are obtained after updating the firmware, in addition to improving the android version can also fix or patch the operating system bugs. If you intend to do so, download the firmware below and follow the instructions to update it.


Password: smartphones.how

Instruction of ZTE V9820 SD card Upgrade

The software version and pictures in this document are just for reference only. Please use ZTE handset support website provided version to download software, moreover, SD card upgrade only allows upgrade between the same version and from low version to high version

  1. Before you begin:
    1. Please back up all user data of mobile phone, including Phonebook, Messages and soon;
    2. Please make sure the mobile phone can be normally powered on. Otherwise it may cause downloading failure
    3. Take out SIM card and check whether update.zip of SD card is in accordance with to be upgraded mobile phone. Do not modify the file name and extension.
    4. Check whether the battery power is enough (At least 2 cells), otherwise please charge the mobile phone until the battery power is enough.
  2. Do not do other operations and do not take out battery by force during downloading.
  3. The SD card upgrading process of V9820 will take 1-2 minutes, if the mobile phone cannot automatically reboot after 2 minutes, please upgrade the mobile phone again. If the mobile phone cannot be powered on, please operate with special method. If the special methodis invalid, please contact ASC.

Steps of SD card upgrade

  1. Download SD card upgrade package, change the file name to update.zip,then copy the update.zip file to root directory of SD card.
  2. Enter into phone file manager to check whether the files of SD card are normal. Click File Manager → SD CARD → update.zip.
    Firmware File update.zip
  3. Check whether you can check the version, then click Home key to return to home screen and subsequently click Menu key → System settings → About phone → System updates → Storage card updates.
    System Updates Android
  4. Click Storage card updates, then click OK, if the software version has been in the SD card the mobile phone will prompt the message as picture shown below. If there is no version software update file in root directory of External Sdcard, the mobile phone will prompt Storage card updates failed as picture shown below:
    System Updates Android
  5. Click Continue after the mobile phone prompted the message then the mobile phone automatically reboots and directly enters into SD card upgrade interface subsequently.
  6. The mobile phone reboots again after finished upgrade, then upgrade is completed.

Special Method

Sometimes, if your mobile phone has some problems and cannot be opened or enter into Android OS, then the above method will be invalid for you. For this time, please use the special method below to update software.

  1. Please refer to the above steps 1-2 and copy update.zip file into the root directory of SD card.
  2. Please hold Volume Up key and Power Key simultaneously.
  3. The mobile phone enters into recovery mode.
  4. Press Volume Down key to choose apply update from sdcard. Press Power key to enter sub menu. Press Volume Down key to choose update.zip. Press Power key to start upgrade.
  5. The update will be finished after a while.
  6. The system of mobile phone returns to the screen automatically.
  7. Press Power key to reboot system.


For special method, please upgrade mobile phone in shutdown status. If you cannot check the battery power, we would like to recommend you to charge your mobile phone for about 0.5~1 h before updating the mobile phone.

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