How to Enable Developer Options in Realme C2 for Android Configuration and Debugging

We can enable and disable Developer Options to configure Android system behavior and debug application performance in Realme C2 (RMX1941) based on ColorOS 6.0. In Developer Options we can configure many things such as activating OEM unlock the bootloader, services running, WebView implementation, USB debugging, do not use a screen lock, disabling the automatic update system, and much more.

Enabling Developer Mode

Open the Settings menu → About PhoneVersion. You must tap on the Version column 7 times to activate Developer Mode.

Locating Developer Options

After you successfully activate Developer Mode, the next step is to return to the Home screenSettingsAdditional SettingsDeveloper Options.

Remove Developer Options

You can eliminate the Developer Options menu from the Settings menu by deleting data in the Settings application. From the Home screenSettingsAdditional SettingsDeveloper Options → slide the Developer Options button to inactive.

OEM Unlock

OEM Unlock is an Android feature that is needed when you want to unlock the Realme C2 bootloader for flashing purposes. If you enable OEM Unlock in Realme C2, there are a few things you should understand.

  1. A phone warranty will void.
  2. All data on the internal storage will be erased.
  3. Activating the OEM Unlock will cause the device protection function to no longer to be available.
  4. Vulnerable to malware and virus attacks.
From the Home screenSettingsAdditional SettingsDeveloper Options → slide the OEM Unlock button to become active.

WebView Implementation

WebView is a component for running web-based Android applications. For example, to present the Terms of Service page, Privacy Policy, and so on. Since Android 4.4 (KitKat), the WebView component is based on the Chromium open-source project. On Android 5.0 (Lollipop), WebView has moved to an APK so that it can be updated separately to the Android platform. So do not be surprised if you use Realme C2 and check the Google Play Store regularly will see there is information to update the Android WebView.

From the Home screenSettingsAdditional SettingsDeveloper OptionsWebView Implementation. Applying WebView in Developer Options allows you to choose to use Chrome or the Android System WebView.

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