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How to Hard Reset Sony Xperia Arc S LT18i

Step by step how to reset Sony Xperia Arc S LT18i using dial number caused locked pattern or You want to restore the factory settings.

  1. Turn on the phone.
  2. On the pattern screen, touch Emergency Call.
  3. Type a dial number *#*#7378423#*#*.
  4. Customization Settings → Reset Customization → Reset.
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How to Install an APK File From Computer Using ADB Command Prompt

You just downloaded apk file on your computer and plan to install it using command-line tools like Minimal ADB and Fastboot. It was a pretty good idea because it is not inconvenient to move the apk file to internal memory or SD Card and then install it on the phone.

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How to Update and Backup Operating System Android Samsung Mobile Phones Using KIES 3

Samsung keep trying to give the best. Not only create best-selling android smartphones, but they also develop software to help users to update and backup important data easily. The software is called KIES which can run Windows and Mac OS.

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Promo Telkomsel Internet Roaming Packages Asia-Australia

Telkomsel is one of the leading Internet Services Providers in Indonesia that has millions of customers. Before traveling abroad, one of the main things that should be prepared is a roaming package. This package needs to be enabled before or when it lands in the destination country, so users can keep their cell number to communicate.

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Skype App For Android Reaches 1 Billion Downloads

Slowly but surely, the Skype chat app managed to reach 1 billion downloads on the Android platform. The news was revealed directly by Skype through its official account on Twitter.

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New features in Google Contacts v2.2 App on Android

One of my favorite Android apps is Google Contact. Why? Because I can easily store and manage contacts. Backup and restore simply by syncing Google Account. On the date, 10/02/2017 Google released Google Contacts v2.2 app on Android. This release contains several changes to the look and management o...
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How To Fix Invalid IMEI Lenovo A369i Using MTK Droid Tool

The dead boot phone comes back to life after updated firmware using ROW S108. New problem arises that Invalid IMEI after Dial Up *#06#. Have tried Restore IMEI using Miracle Box, UFI, Chameleon APK, SP Flash Tool still fails. Based on the experience there is another solution to fix that using MTK Dr...
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General Info eMMC Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Qualcomm

General info eMMC Samsung KLMBG2JENB-B041/32GB which is used Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Qualcomm Snapdragon. 
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How to Check Status Bootloader Xiaomi Locked or Unlocked

The bootloader status specifies the method of flashing Xiaomi phones. If the bootloader status is unlocked we can install ROM via Fastboot Mode, if locked via EDL Mode (Emergency Download Mode). There are 2 ways to check bootloader status as follows:Fastboot ADB Commands​Go to Fastboot Mode. Turn of...
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Ondot Card Control: Set Locations, Merchants, Limits Using Your Phone

Card Control is a smart platform developed by Ondot System has the ability to control your credit card transaction where, when, who, and how. Safe and secure way to control all your cards, turn on alerts when you make a transaction you're notified and you don't even need payment receipt because of t...
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Gmail Latest Update: Addresses, Contacts, and Phone Numbers Converted To Hyperlinks

Gmail does not want to lose competition with other email apps, which makes it easy to open addresses, contacts and phone numbers with a single click. Based on customer feedback, Gmail released the latest updates by changing addresses, contacts, and telephone numbers into hyperlinks to save users tim...
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How to Change DNS on Android Phones (Without Root)

Changing the DNS provided by the ISP to the public DNS becomes the best way to improve the browsing experience. In most cases, when you use Public DNS servers with low latency can increase internet speed. Accessing a site that ISP blocked could be the reason why we do it, but I do not recommend it f...
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Fix Miracle Box Show Waiting for USB Port on Windows 10 64x

You recently bought a Miracle Box and then install it on Windows 10 64 bit. When you tried Miracle to backup ROM (Read) Mediatek phone, the box show up notification waiting for USB Port like picture in above.​Not running Read or Write process is not caused Miracle Box that you buy damaged. Whereas M...
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How to Update Firmware (Flash) Asus Zenfone 5 T00F A500CG

This guide will help you update the world wide ZenUI firmware your Asus Zenfone 5 T00F (A500CG) device. This can be done to fix :​ Downgrade operating system Lollipop to KitKat. Fixed Asus Zenfone 5 often restarts itself (boot loop). Fixed force close apps. Bring back Nulled IMEI make sure IC Baseba...
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Test Point Location Redmi Note 4X Dead Boot / Hard Brick

You tried to flash/root the Note 4X and failed. As a result, the phone becomes dead boot and can't turn on at all. Trying to enter Fastboot and EDL Mode using Deep Flash Cable did not work.

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